Science Can DANCE!

National Engineers Week 2015

Boston-area 5th to 8th grade girls joined SHINE 4 Girls & Gique for an exciting day exploring science through dance choreography! Throughout the day, girls enjoyed a keynote speech from MIT Professor Catherine Drennan, 2 dance choreography workshops, & a discussion session with local dancers who are also scientists & engineers. Thank you to Chipotle, Microsoft, Broad Institute, General Dynamics, & NASA JPL for sponsoring this event!

Dance Workshops:

  • CANCER BIOLOGY (View Lesson Plan)
    Cancer is a disease becoming ever-so present across the globe and inherently affects us all. Many of us still wonder about the biology of cancer, how it affects people, and its causes. In this workshop taught by MIT Biological Engineering major and dance choreographer, Mitali Kini, you will learn all you need to know about cancer and tell a story through dance of one mutated cell that leads the journey of a tumor.

  • CHEMISTRY (View Lesson Plan)
    Chemistry is the fundamental science of all matter, and learning how it works at first can be just as fun as learning a new language! Study the language of atoms, elements, and chemical bonds in our Chemistry Dance Workshop led by Ashli Davis-Polanco, a MIT Chemistry major and hip-hop dance choreographer. In this workshop we will display the properties of a chemical reaction though a partnered dance routine!

  • COMPUTER SCIENCE (View Lesson Plan)
    Within the past twenty years, computer and Internet technologies have become an integral part of society. From social media to smartphones to video games, it has changed the way we interact, learn, and live. While these various forms of technology may seem completely different, they are all created by computer scientists and share the same fundamental concepts. In this workshop, taught by Tamika Tannis, you will learn some basic concepts behind how all of these technologies work and how computer scientists create them. Tamika is a hip-hop & dancehall dancer/choreographer who holds both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Computer Science from MIT.

  • MATERIALS SCIENCE (View Lesson Plan)
    Look around you--everything is made of something!  From the batteries in our cell phones to the metal bodies of airplanes to the fabric of our winter coats to the plastic of our water bottles to the medicines we take to cure disease--these things have all been designed by people who know about the building blocks of materials, and what their properties are.  Learn some of the basics about materials from Dr. Suelin Chen, a hip hop dancer/choreographer who also holds a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering and a BS in Biology from MIT.

Thank You To Our Sponsors!

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