Meet Gique Phillip Daniel

CEO of EcoMaps & Mechanical Engineer

Tell us about your background & how it led you to where you are today.

"I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate from MIT (B.S. 13', M.S. 15'). What is unique about me is that I enjoy doing random hands on projects that seem eccentric and not related to what I studied. Before making some of the art I current make I built a Kayak and attempted to carve my own drum. This curiosity defined my random walk through MIT and how I make important decisions, in that I pick something that seems interesting to me and work at it as hard as I can. My background isn't too unique. I was raised in Durham, NC and was lower middle-class. I took the difficult but interesting classes that my school offered (AP math and physics), and I did as many interesting extracurricular activities as I could handle. (Track, Cross Country, Marching Band, and pledged a fraternity - Theta Phi Psi Inc.) An interesting fact, my mom made me apply to MIT. I didn't think I would get accepted, so I had no plans on applying. I am glad it worked out."

What keeps you passionate about science and art?

"For my side projects, I follow what seems interesting and I do it until it is no longer interesting enough to motivate me to work hard. I am motivated by learning what the project has to teach, from how to build a kayak to how to make artwork. My most recent project uses computer science to design the maps, a laser cutter to help make the art, and teamwork to keep everything going smoothly. Science and art are critical for the success of what I am doing."



What does being a gique mean to you?

"Being a gique to me means that I am passionate enough about some things to do them even if most people think they are uncool."

Any words of wisdom?

"I have persevered through challenges by communicating frequently with the people who care about me. I have found that my loved ones try to give me advice that is in my best interest, and that they see things that bother me from an outside perspective. I believe that an outside perspective is a great way to solve a tricky problem. I also try my best to be respectful to my elders and instructors. Teachers only have to teach me what their boss requires of them, but if I want to learn more then they have to be willing to go above and beyond on my behalf without any form of monetary compensation. I suggest that people who want to work on their own unique ideas picks something and start, without worrying about if they will finish or succeed. It gets easier the more you do, but you have to start."

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