Supporting holistic education for interdisciplinary innovation.


Hands-on STEAM

STEAM learning introduces the belief that the arts and sciences are complementary, and that combining cross-disciplinary techniques powers innovation. Gique's afterschool STEAM program, piloted at piloted at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester, allows students to explore their personal interests by learning about science through and with the arts.

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The Art & Science of Typography

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Science Can DANCE!

Through dance workshops lead by STEM professionals and choreographers, students tackle complex technical concepts. Each lesson's accompanying dance routine allows students to ground the abstract concepts in concrete, physical movement.

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Interview Series

An entrepreneur repositioning death in our lives and culture using a web app. A piercer treading be-tween the art of precision and biology of healing. These are just some of the people featured in our inter-view series who put the message of Gique into practice every day.

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