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Tell us about your background & how it led you to where you are today.

"I’ve always felt that it was important to bring art to people. It has always been an integral part of who I am and I know that it can be experienced by everyone, not just artists. It is easy to share art with my friends — I can share my own work and take them along for adventures to art museums or shows. But, being an art major at a science-and-business-focused school has made me realize the need to bring art to the wider community. As a result, spark was born.

spark is composed of a small group of art lovers who want to see more art around campus. Our team ranges from artists to businesspeople to neuroscientists, and our goal is to bring art to the spaces on campus where it is missing."


How does your work combine art and other disciplines?

"spark is, inherently, an interdisciplinary group. We aim to bring contemporary art and art ideas to Northeastern and teach both students and faculty the importance of art in all disciplines. This semester, we are working closely with the Northeastern College of Science to put on a show that highlights the intersection between science and art. We called the show Symbiotic to highlight the mutually beneficial relationship that both groups can have.

In the past, we’ve put on shows and events all over campus. Tape installation, art meditation, and hallway shows are all projects we’ve had the opportunity to share with students and faculty at Northeastern. Our hope is to continue to share the creative mindset and to display the art not only of artists but also of businesspeople, scientists, historians, and more."

What does being a gique mean to you?

"A “gique” is passionate about sharing their creativity and innovation with the world. People are inherently interdisciplinary and it is important to discard the boundaries that are often placed between art, science, and technology. They are stronger together!

Any words of wisdom?

"Just do it. So often we find ourselves talking about projects and figuring out logistics, or thinking about the way we wish things would happen. If you start and take the first step, everything will fall into place. The plan doesn’t have to be perfect before you start.

Founded by Northeastern students, the initiative is meant to be a channel between the Northeastern community and contemporary art. Spark's mandate is to educate the University and community at large about local and international contemporary art, with a focus on the Boston art scene. In addition, spark serves to educate in the practice of art appreciation, the business of art, gallery, management and the creation of new ideas and new art forms.
Learn more about spark at http://www.northeastern.edu/spark/ & Learn more about Kristina at http://kristinalhagman.com/
AuthorGabrielle Rabadam