Signature Event at the Cambridge Science Festival 2016!

Art & Science of Beer Hosted by Mystic Brewery

Sunday April 17th

Gique's Art & Science of Beer Event during the 2016 Cambridge Science Festival included tasting a range of freshly-brewed local craft beer samples while learning about how it's made from a panel of beer artists & experts.

Guests enjoyed an exhibit featuring portraits of local craft brewers by photographer Michael Penney.

Mystic Brewery provided guests with a tour of the brewery and an explanation of their unique history and approach to beer brewing.

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Meet Our Beer Expert Panelists

Annette Fritsch

Director of Research and Product Innovation at the Boston Beer Company

Background: BS in Food Science from Ohio State University, Masters in Food Science with a focus on Brewing and Sensory from Oregon State University. Researched Hop Bitterness during Masters program in 2007..

Current Title: Director of Research and Product Innovation at the Boston Beer Company – makers of Samuel Adams, Angel City, Coney Island, Concrete Beach, and Traveler Beer Company beers in addition to Angry Orchard Cider and Twisted Tea

Other Credentials: Certified Cicerone ™ , American Society of Brewing Chemist Foundation Board Chair, American Society of Brewing Chemist Sensory Committee past-Chair, Advisory Committee for the VLB in Berlin and Colorado State University

Favorite beer: Currently Barrel Aged Porters and Gose

Bryan Greenhagen

Founder at Mystic Brewery

Background: Bryan graduated with a Ph.D. in Plant Biochemistry from University of Kentucky in 2003. He has worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT, Senior Scientist/Director of Biosynthesis at Allylix, Inc., Research Associate at UMBI, and Senior Scientist
Microbia, Inc.

In 2009, Bryan founded Mystic Brewery. Mystic is a Belgian-style brewery that uses multiple, designed fermentations with Belgian and wine yeasts to enhance the flavor and structure of ales resulting in truly unique, complex, and balanced beers worthy of accompanying and improving your favorite meals.

Will Meyers

Brewmaster at Cambridge Brewing Company

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Will Meyers studied music theory and composition and voice performance before moving to Boston and catching the craft beer bug. Will homebrewed his first beer in 1990 and has subsequently enjoyed a twenty-four-year-long career at Cambridge Brewing Company. In addition to his authentic interpretations of traditional beer styles, he crafts unique, adventuresome beers - some referencing ancient brews of the world and others breaking new ground in the art of brewing. His focus on experimentation and the development beginning in 1998 of CBC’s infamous Barrel Cellar has placed him at the forefront of America’s innovative artisanal brewers. Will steadfastly refuses to have to choose one single favorite beer.